Pelagic’s Procurement Support provides buyers within the marine industry the chance to simplify their sourcing, purchasing and accounting.

Searching for the right product and services can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Likewise, managing a multitude of suppliers, each with their own ordering and invoicing processes, can be complicated.

We’re here to help.

Professional Service

Through our established relationships with suppliers within, and outside of the marine sectors, we’re well placed to secure you the best trade deals possible. We can provide honest and knowledgeable sourcing advice so you get what you need, at the best prices.


  • Consultation to understand buying needs and requirements.
  • Identify the right products and services.
  • Agree project deliverables and associated timeline.
  • Designated account manager.
  • Product and sourcing advice.
One Point Contact

Sourcing products and services can be time consuming and a headache. Pelagic can simplify this through being your one point of contact.


  • Simplifies sourcing & purchase process.
  • Reduced admin.
  • Knowledgeable product, service and industry advice.
One Point Payment

Managing a multitude of suppliers, each with their own ordering and invoicing processes can be complicated. Pelagic can streamline this for you, being your one point of payment.


  • Single point invoicing.
  • Flexible payment terms.
Flexible Approach

Pelagic will tailor a support package to you, whether a one-time purchase or the need for frequent ordering.