Sales Representation

We sell products and services to buyers quicker, cheaper and more effectively

If you’re a brand looking to introduce your product or services to the marine industry. Or, you’re an established brand looking for greater market penetration. Pelagic Sales Network can support you.

We use our knowledge and buyer relationships, to sell your product or services direct to buyers in the marine industry.

Professional Sales Representation

First and foremost, It’s important we get to know your brand, ensuring Pelagic is the right team to represent you.

We’ll then tailor a sales strategy based on our business goals and agreed deliverables.

Quick Route To Market

We use our knowledge and buyer relationships, to sell your product or services.

  • Growing sales network, with customer relationships spanning over 13 years.
  • Knowledgeable and dedicated sales team with the ability invest in growth.
  • Multi-brand approach increases market visibility/penetration.
Low Risk / High Reward

The Pelagic model is simple. We will save your brand money, time and risk whilst increasing sales efficiency.

  • Payment only on results.
  • No need for in-house costly employment fees.
Targeted Selling

Pelagic’s skills, experience and importantly relationships are founded in the core marine sectors. Theses sectors include:

  • Teams
  • Superyachts
  • Events & Associations
  • Marine Business
  • Global Partnerships

If you’re a brand looking to grow your retail network, please get in touch to discuss relevant support packages.

Customer Retention

Customer management and retention is important for any brand. Using third party resellers to manage your customers in the market relies on trust, brand allegiance and incentivised purchasing. Pelagic’s model ensures the customer remains yours, allowing measured account growth management.


  • Brand retains all customer contact and sale information.
  • Payment alongside terms and conditions of sales are directly with the brand.
  • Brand retains account details to market directly to the customer.
  • Brand retains all customer information outside of any agreement with Pelagic.
Sales Reporting

Throughout the partnership, a dedicated account manager will keep you well informed with detailed reporting, alongside agreed in person and virtual updates. Key information covered includes:


  • Sales activity
  • Generated leads
  • Sales pipeline movement
  • Consumer feedback
  • Competitor activity